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First Found review for First page on google

I tried First Found from Manchester back in Oct last year 2013 and placed a website with them. Cost £350 initial set up and £70 per month including the VAT. The first month or so was very good and they did help me optimize my website and if ever I called they would advise etc. However, they did not seem to do anything as the months went on.. All I would get is a standard report of where my key words were ranking. All seemed OK at first but then I started to question WHY were I not getting any sales from the website and where are all the hits for the key word phrases…

They were supposed to analyse the site and create the key word phrases relevant to the business and that is what we pay them for RIGHT? Well, although the key word phrases were climbing the rankings and on several sites like Bing and Yahoo and a few others were on the 1st page.. Google however was a totally different story.. nowhere to be found even after 6 months or so…

So I said to them, I cannot keep paying you guys £70 per month and get zero business from the site… This only made my allocated tech guy I was dealing with run around and justify that the key words were ranking better every month and we have to give it more time..  I said but so far I have paid you people at First found over £900 and I have seen no sales generated for all your so called work.. the key word phrases are useless so why not re assess..

After another month went by I decided to cancel as I was nearly broke and could not continue..

Well the next thing they say is … I own them another £400 odd pounds because the contract does not finish for another 4 months! I told them straight that I was broke and could not continue but they just hand it over to their legal department and the letters and phone calls do not stop.

Another friend who had initially recommended them had the same experience… it became very obvious that after the first month of “optimizing your site” the work they do is virtually zero and the link building in very little..  about 20 directories in the first few months then you don’t get to hear anything else..  My friend also had the calls and letters threatening to take them to court and saying she owed all this money.

I have had the same experience now with 3 different SEO companies – TWO in the UK and another from India…  It seems like the best money making scam in the world because all these so called “SEO companies” are targeting us poor individuals and companies with the promise of “FIRST PAGE ON GOOGLE” but none of them can deliver because of either the Google dance where Google keep changing the rules and the alogarithms or they simply have no idea what they are doing and they can grab 3 or 4 months of $150 or more from us suckers.

Please comment  if you also think SEO is a big waste of money

And remember, if you do use First Found they will hold you to a one year contract if your site is making money or not. Be Warned.

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