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Swimming Pools Thailand – Chris Smith.

“The latest company to hit the world wide scams headlines is “Swimming Pools Thailand ltd”. A swimming pool installation company in Thailand. They are … in fact… an absolute a nightmare to deal with and the owner is a guy from the UK who calls himself Chris Smith …. However, if you ring,  you will also talk to another “English guy” that supposedly works there called “Robert…. These two people talk exactly the same with the same comments repeated over and over again during any conversation on the phone.

They both have the same voice and always claim “they are the best and largest swimming pool company in Thailand to deal with”. Chris Smith claims he is the owner or CEO and Robert is supposedly the installation engineer…

They are believed to be the same person.

Another name that he replies to emails under is Nattaya who is supposed to the Thai CEO but it seems that Mr Chris Smith of swimming pools Thailand is also this same person as it is clear from the emails and the phrases he uses. 

Chris Smith (probably not his real name)  is obviously pretending to be several different people all working for swimming pools Thailand. Several people have now claimed to have had a very bitter experience with this company – Swimming Pools Thailand.

 Although Mr Smith speaks Thai and English it is claimed in the way he rants and repeats himself in his emails and how very abrupt his attitude is on the phone that he has some very serious mental health issues. It has come to the point now that several customers that have contacted us, do not want to deal with him on the phone or by by email ever again… 

Another very nasty trick he pulls is to raise the call out fee to a ridiculously high amount after he has installed your pool system! Then he says it will take up to 10 days to come out on any emergency..  This is after telling customers they have all the guarantees and “how they will not get a better service anywhere in Thailand” !!!  So the guarantees are basically worthless, as to pay the grossly inflated  call out fee would be totally pointless when other companies only charge a minimal call out fee. But how can you call another company that did not install the equipment..  In Thailand they are simply not interested and so it seems… neither is Chris Smith, Robert, Nattaya and whoever else he pretend to be. 

Be Aware of  – Swimming Pools Thailand – Chris Smith 



After seeing some of the lies and absolute rubbish Swimming pools Thailand owner Chris Smith has written on the internet in blogs, slandering myself, Waterworld Thailand and our beautiful little pool resort… Coconut-Palms . He writes on a bullshit made up blog, and Trip Advisor, (Exact same paragraph on both! so obviously the same person) pretending to be a traveller who visited our resort and posted pictures of our pool “in the condition it was while it was out of service” (when the filter had packed up and we called his company – Swimming Pools Thailand in to fix it).



ABOVE – The pool before   BELOW – The pool now


Now… think about this…. What sort of person, would make up a story like this. The picture above is the picture he posted on his blog… of our pool, while it was out of action and before he changed the filter and chlorinator for us!
He is actually pretending to be a guest to our resort !

We called him in to give us a quote and fix the pool filter issue and because we had issues with his final bill, he has since, created many bad articles and blogs about us!


This man CHRIS SMITH owner of Swimming Pools Thailand is sick beyond belief, I have no words to describe how vindictive and low this man can go to get his revenge.
All because we claimed back £180 (approx) on things he added to the final invoice that were not included. Then, after he had to pay us back (Thank you – Barclaycard) he sent employees in a pick up truck to our property pretending to do a “check on the instillation” and took back all the chemicals he had left for us for the pool maintenance !
I forgot to mention that… This was all being done while we were in the UK and our resort was being managed by my poor elderly mother in law in Thailand. So we had to take on trust from  “Chris Smith”  (via email and phone) that our filter, Chlorinator and pump had to be replaced! On returning to Thailand, we found that there was nothing wrong with the pump and Chlorinator and a simple filter change was all that was required! And to make matters even worse… he replaced our large filter with a much smaller filter that is far too small for the size of our pool.   This guy is a nightmare to say the least.
Chris Smith of Swimming pools Thailand is a very sad individual. Since this posting on worldwide scams, we have had many people email us having similar problems and asking questions about Chris Smith, Robert Smith and Nantana Smith LOL of Swimming pools Thailand.
Send us your experiences of dealing with Swimming Pools Thailand (Chris Smith, Robert or Nantanna) and I will post them here.
He lies and posted a very negative review on Trip Advisor amongst other places but if anyone cares to go to AGODA.com – They will clearly see 28 verified guest reviews and we are actually (at the time of writing) the top hotel in the whole Mahasarakham area of 20 hotels with an 8.6 star rating… So who does he think he is kidding!
 This is the REAL Coconut Palms as of June 2018
.Coconut Palms Hotel with pool in Maha Sarakham