How this site works

Post your experience – so other people don’t get scammed


In this day and age there are many companies that ” are incredibly smart” and well ahead of the masses with their advanced  technological know how on how to manipulate the internet and your emails  to scam MILLION’s of people everyday!

Most of us are normal human beings that are genuinely honest and want to simply get on with our lives and genuinely want to help people we come into contact with.

However, there are many companies and individuals that have no morals whatsoever and are only out for as much profit as they can get away with. They don’t care if you are old or disabled, they don’t care if you have very little income or are a single parent struggling to make ends meet. The unethical and in our opinion the very sick individuals that have set up websites and schemes to rip us off and scam us are our target

We will EXPOSE them all on this website 


How it works

  1. SET UP A NEW POST – A new post will be created for every SCAM artist or company – Simply Email us the company name (For the Title) and your experience of what happened.
  2. REPLY TO COMMENTS – You can reply to any post by clicking the comments link at the bottom of every post. Comments are open for anybody that has had a similar negative or positive experience with the said company or individual. Please not that all comments are moderated to eliminate spammers.

This site has become well known for exposing the scam companies and individuals

As more and more reviews and comments are added to this website, the higher the Search Engines will rank this site.

How will this help you?

An example will help you understand the power of the internet using Google, Bing and Yahoo and 100’s more smaller search engines.

When I paid £1000 (US$1500) to an individual who advertised tat he would build me a website and get me 1000’s of hits per month, I thought it was an great deal… However, 3 months down the road with zero hits on the site and hardly any response to the rip off artist that conned me into parting with £1000… I started to get seriously angry. I then contacted some of his other clients via ebay as that was where I originally got suckered into his scam.

I set up a website to expose him and his scamming website offer and started to post testimonials of all the other people that had also been scammed and ripped off.  I then told him about the website and within 2 hours he rang me and was desperate for to take his name OFF the website and offered me a FULL REFUND.

Use the Contact form below to send in a new post

To make a comment… click on the comments link at the bottom of the post 




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