ERG – Emergency Response Group

LOMUK (ERG – Emergency Response Group)

Is a company that advertises on Google Adwords under various keyword phrases like electricians Lutonplumbers Bedfordlocksmith St Albanspest control Dunstableglazing Bedfordshire. In fact they seem to cover the whole country.

When you call, they tell you the call out fee is £95 + vat per hour  – This seems to have been changed recently to £150 !

and then they ask for your credit card details before they send out an engineer. So they can turn up and drag out a small job to a few hours and charge you whatever they like.


One of the many comments about this company

I had the misfortune to contact a company called ERG – Emergency Response Group for some work. They took my card details beforehand and never sent a receipt for work that turned out to be substandard. They also helped themselves to an outrageous amount of money from my a/c.
I sent repeated e-mails and rang loads of times but just got the run-around from the staff – Lewis, Tyler, Gemma, Laura and another guy who’s name I forget. It seems like several people work there but no-one has authorisation to deal with customer complaints !
In the end I had to contact the card issuer to get the money back and they still haven’t arranged to correct the faults.
ERG are operating from a back office behind an estate agents at 516 London Road, Westcliffe on Sea, SS0 9LD and their Director is Tara Sexton. 0800 211 8597

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As an update to the above, I’ve done some digging.
If you have a look on Company Check and put the name Tara Sexton into the box, it reveals some interesting information. (All this info is in the public domain BTW)
Tara is listed as a director of ERG maintenance and the company is worth – £26.4k , yes you got that right MINUS £26,400.!! (Info correct as of todays date)
So I wonder if ERG will be following LON into obscurity ?
Watch this space !



23 thoughts on “ERG – Emergency Response Group

  1. They are still ripping off vulnerable customers: taking card details, hiking up the cost when they ring and claim the job has gone over 30 minutes and adding on outrageous fees for “materials”. All with no proof.
    Lots of tradespeople are posting that they haven’t been paid for work done – yet ERG charge £65 per 30 mins plus VAT. Don’t use them and warn others!

    • I used this company last week I have had £162 taken out my account by them for a FIVE minute visit was then told it would be a additional £598 too fix the circuit board, currently in tears as can’t afford it no heating and water for two weeks and have a son with disabilities and a single parent I am in tears and having panic attacks . I read the previous post was charged £62 I was told £135 not told about vat either for five minutes and now cannot get the work done this company something should be done do. To touch this company with a barge pole anyone.😓So upset .

    • Charged £162 for five minutes . Did not fix anything , whole job was done by another company for £198 for two visits labour and materials, erg are a disgrace, hope they are stopped soon.

    • I also had a disastrous experience with this lot. Hot water immersion heater broken and they charged £162.50 to send someone out 24 hours later (they claim they can get someone to you within 30-90 minutes of logging your call) and confirm that, indeed, it is broken and if you want it fixed call us back and arrange another job because we don’t carry the parts necessary to fix what’s broken!!!! Utter shambles. Steer clear is my advice. Kat

  2. Emergency Response Group

    This company should be prosecuted for fraud as they not only charge exorbitant fees they employ or sub contract, so called professional people, who have to be called out again to rectify faults which they did not rectify, for which they charged another £150:00 so a job to service a central heating boiler lasting less than an hour they took £320:00 !!
    Their so called customer services is a Sham! They cut you off when they cannot give any valid reasons or excuses and they certainly never ever call you back and once your number is registered they will not answer your calls. Do not deal with them. They have hundreds of complaints and comments on line.

  3. Contacted this group at 9am today as needed someone quick to fix heating problem,took card details to book the appointment 125/hr +vat and on top more if I should need material’s,be with you before 1pm,came and went,called them up was told 4pm ,engineer had to deal with a gas leak elsewhere,smelled a rat,checked them out and had to cancel my bank card completely,cancelled the appointment knowing that they they wouldn’t get a scammers do not use them.lucky escape at this time of year for us.

  4. Hi Lynn so glad they did not get your money , they came too me two weeks ago took £162 out my bank for a guy too come out for five minutes, they then tried too quote me another £598 on top , tried too cancel the £162 but they had took it out before they gave me the quote, reported them too trading standards and found out they have already been prosecuted once, taking them too the small claims court after Xmas . They have done it too hundreds of people .

  5. These lot have just been featured on the ‘Rogue Traders’ bit of the BBC’s Watchdog programme. Never a good sign for a company.

  6. I absolutely can not believe how they rip people off. My elderly parents were scammed by them and we are taking them to the ombudsman. Roll on rogue traders…

  7. Chris Ford Shoreham by Sea. This company just ripped us off with a bill for £150.00.
    Arrived for 16 minutes stated they could not gain access to the problem. They did not return despite promising. Next day we received a bill for £150 on our account.
    I spoke to a nice chap called Kieran who had only started with the company 4 days previously who was very sympathetic but unable to help in anyway. He agreed it was appalling and this old man {me} advised him to get out asap. Really distressing for us. Not sure the above comment {tough shit} is particularly helpful or reasonable.

  8. Had same experience with man who came to deal with a wasps’ nest. In the house for 15 minutes and gone without any paperwork. My own stupid fault but what to do next is the question. Still a few wasps crawling about as well!

  9. TOTAL SCAM – run by serial fraudster Laurence Patrick O’Mahony of Southend-on-Sea, Essex (DOB 11Jan1975). Tara Zoe Sexton (DOB 11May1980) is now a Director of one of O’Mahony’s newer scam companies. Look them up on Companies House online. O’Mahony has had numerous companies over the last decade and they all operate in the same way for a few years, as a “call centre” for tradesmen, before they eventually close down. Currently various “ERG” and “All-in-One” companies are operating to scam anyone who phones their 0800 telephone number. All-in-One Home Care Services operate at First Floor Finance House, 20/21 Aviation Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6UN. They take your credit card number and charge extortionate fees. Sometimes the local tradesman doesn’t even get paid. If they have scammed you, take out a claim online – research “County Court Business Centre (Online Civil Money Claims)” part of the UK government court system. Costs approx £100. The company is issued with your claim direct, online, no waiting. It’s clear and fast, your best chance to get a result.

  10. Contacted by ERG to do some plumbing work in our local area. Asked them about payment to us, they said, no problem just send in Invoices. After reading the comments on here, we have decided we don’t want to be associated with rip off scammers like them and declined the work. Our customers and our reputation is very important to us, ERG would be bad news I’m sure.

  11. RIPPED – OFF PAID £145+vat (30mins)
    Engineer could not read the instruction manual (and finally did exactly what I did this morning before the call out)
    Then he had to follow a Youtube clip to help him try to reset the boiler
    Finally left unable to help – but will try next visit no doubt at a similar price to my pocket for 30mins plus the part – If indeed it is the right one!
    Spent half an hour at my home and should I really pay another £145 plus VAT? when its only a “MIGHT”?
    The so called Emergency Response Group ERG needs to get competent engineers
    This lad was on his second job with you and “only advertises on facebook”
    I will not use again and will not recommend
    Very unhappy and I think the company needs to be checked by TRADING STANDARDS – WATCHDOG

  12. TOTAL SCAMMERS!!!!! (Saturday 16th Feb)
    I wish I had read reviews before using ERG today – COMPLETE SCAM! PAID £145 plus VAT for an engineer who followed the book (but I was not sure that he was able to read that well) and then followed a Youtube video to help him complete what I had already followed in the morning. Then he left after half an hour with the boiler “MIGHT” need …. I wish I had seen this and the other review sites:
    I shall not have them back and have already enlisted the help of a local tradesman

  13. Hello, I am an electrician who has been contacted by ERG have have responded to 18 electrical emergencies and in each case have been able to solve the customers problem; tripping problems etc. I have just realised that I have just been scammed as I have only been paid for 6 of the call-outs and when I contacted them by email to ask them to pay my outstanding invoices, they replied that I have no outstanding invoices. When I think that i have gone out at all times of the day, evening, performed a service and now find that I am not going to be paid, it makes me feel rather sick.

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