Swimming Pools Thailand Ltd

“The latest company to hit the world wide scams headlines is “Swimming Pools Thailand ltd”. A swimming pool installation company in Thailand. They are claimed to be an absolute a nightmare to deal with and the owner is a guy from the UK who calls himself Chris Smith …. however you will also talk to another “English guy” that supposedly works there called “Robert. These two people talk exactly the same with the same comments repeated over and over again during any conversation on the phone.

They both have the same voice and always claim “they are the best / biggest swimming pool company in Thailand to deal with”. Chris Smith claims he is the owner or CEO and Robert is supposedly the installation engineer…

They are believed to be the same person.

Another name that he replies to emails under is Nattaya who is supposed to the Thai CEO but it seems that Mr Chris Smith of swimming pools Thailand is also this same person as it is clear from the emails and the phrases he uses. 

Chris Smith (probably not his real name)  is obviously pretending to be several different people all working for swimming pools Thailand. Several people have now claimed to have had a very bitter experience with this company – Swimming Pools Thailand.

 Although Mr Smith speaks Thai and English it is claimed in the way he rants and repeats himself in his emails and how very abrupt his attitude is on the phone that he has some very serious mental health issues. It has come to the point now that customers do not want to deal with him on the phone or by by email ever again… 

Another very nasty trick he pulls is to raise the call out fee to a ridiculously high amount after he has installed a pool system. Then he says it will take up to 10 days to come out on any emergency..  This is after telling customers they have all the guarantees and “how they will not get a better service anywhere in Thailand” !!!  So the guarantees are basically worthless as to pay the grossly inflated  call out fee would be totally pointless when other companies only charge a minimal call out fee. But how can you call another company that did not install the equipment..  In Thailand they are simply not interested and so it seems neither is Chris Smith, Robert, Nattaya and whoever else he pretend to be. 

Be Aware of  – Swimming Pools Thailand – Chris Smith