Social Media Xperts

Well here we have another rip off company operating out of the UK and targeting people with websites by telesales again.. Yes that is the correct spelling and this is the second company I have come across now using a similar tactic of having a company name “social media xperts” that if you do a google search… you get millions of pages of guess what “social media experts” Why they do that is because, they get all their business from TELESALES. They call you and by doing business that way, they don’t need to be found on GOOGLE. In Fact, they do not want to be found on google, they just want to get as many suckers paying out £100’s every month as possible.

They call you up with their telesales teams and tell you how advertising on FACEBOOK will send your sales through the roof…

I paid £199 + VAT – TOTAL £238 for 30 days Facebook advertising and the results were ZERO

When I emailed to ask if the campaign had started yet, all I got back was an email saying I was targeting worldwide and the chances of me seeing my own ad were virtually zero. Even when I was typing in my own key phrases… !

Attached was a graph showing I had 15 hits to my website… OMG…  £230 and only 15 hits… During the month the sales were zero as you would imagine as you need 100’s of website hits to get sales. So I then rang and rang and rang and left message after message and nobody ever called me back. I was livid as the bank tells us… Once you have given them your bank card details… you are stung. The back cannot and will not help. All they do is tell you you have to cancel your card and get a new one.

They take your money and don’t call you back..


Telephone: 0845 576 0025

Address: 60 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AA

Company Reg Number: 08102796

Registered Company Name: Ltd