I paid £995 ($1500) for another business opportunity (Converting cars to run on Hydrogen) and even spent another £200 ($350) to fly to Spain and get the hands on training. Two months latter WHEN ALL THE CAR OWNERS STARTED TO COMPLAIN THAT THE INSTALLED HYDROGEN CONVERSION SYSTEM WAS NOT MAKING ANY DIFFERENCE IN THEIR FUEL CONSUMPTION IT WAS OBVIOUS THE SYSTEM DID NOT WORK AND THE WHOLE SCHEME WAS A SCAM. The company was operating from Spain`and “they conveniently picked you  from the airport” and took you to secluded villa in the mountains. OK the training seemed great at the time and  there was food and drink and friendly faces all around. Then in the evening I was conveniently dropped off at the airport to fly back to the UK. No address was given so nobody can find him up in the Spanish villas on the hill. Very clever but his days are numbered  now as he has ripped off many many people now.

HYDROTECHNIX – use ebay to find potential recruits

About a month after starting the business it became obvious that the customers were not happy and very little fuel savings were being made from the installed units. It was a total disaster and waste of time and money as the systems we were taught to install did not work and after a few weeks the claims for refunds started to come in… A total scam from start to finish. Again I found that all the other course attendees were having the same experience as he had a page on his website with all the installers listed up and down the country (that soon disappeared when he realized we were all talking to each other!) So I told him about the website and how I was going to expose him and he refunded me and bought back all my unused stock of hydrogen conversion units.




One thought on “Hydrotechnix

  1. I attended a course with Richard in August 2012! I bought two systems and both produced a 50% increase in my MPG! I did however have one disaster and charged the battery whilst the system was connected! Richard DID not tell us to make sure the system was disconnected before charge! Overnight it produced and filled my inlet manifold with hydrogen ! I fired up my E240 Mercedes and it blew the rocker covers to smithereens and bent 4 valves literally rendering the engine as a £2000 repair! I was not impressed but when I called Richard he insisted it was in the manual which is not true! How could I sue the guy I relied on for supplies? I fitted a few other systems and all performed as expected and that was well! Each returned a 50% increase and well happy! I don’t do many but those I do are satisfied it works and so am I! Ray Myers died for HHO and that was an assassination because the technology is sound! As and when I am requested to fit a system I will because after the explosion I knew I was not dealing with a toy but something with the potential to kill had I been under the bonnet when it blew!

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