Ebay user – Spirolinemedia

They sell websites with “FREE LIFETIME HOSTING”

BUT they will simply DELETE or make your website unavailable after a few months.

BEWARE if you have a website with them and very important

Make a BACKUP on your computer or elsewhere or else it will be gone forever
All your work will be for nothing.

NOTHING IS FREE – It’s just a SCAM they use to sell you a website. 

The FREE hosting is the carrot but they are not honest traders and WILL SCAM you.


Spirolinemedia ebay user



Maybe you speak with “EMILY” who cannot even write a full sentence properly…
Just short one line answers.. that do not address your issue.

Soft Sol <blackrose807@gmail.com>  

Looks like they use many different Ebay User names…

And they change the account as the BAD FEEDBACK starts to appear.

Ebay user – Spirolinemedia


Arsehole scammer spirolinemedia

BEWARE of Aamir Abdul Wahid the SCAMMER


List of domain names registred by Aamir Abdul Wahid


ERG – Emergency Response Group

LOMUK (ERG – Emergency Response Group)

Is a company that advertises on Google Adwords under various keyword phrases like electricians Lutonplumbers Bedfordlocksmith St Albanspest control Dunstableglazing Bedfordshire. In fact they seem to cover the whole country.

When you call, they tell you the call out fee is £95 + vat per hour  – This seems to have been changed recently to £150 !

and then they ask for your credit card details before they send out an engineer. So they can turn up and drag out a small job to a few hours and charge you whatever they like.


One of the many comments about this company

I had the misfortune to contact a company called ERG – Emergency Response Group for some work. They took my card details beforehand and never sent a receipt for work that turned out to be substandard. They also helped themselves to an outrageous amount of money from my a/c.
I sent repeated e-mails and rang loads of times but just got the run-around from the staff – Lewis, Tyler, Gemma, Laura and another guy who’s name I forget. It seems like several people work there but no-one has authorisation to deal with customer complaints !
In the end I had to contact the card issuer to get the money back and they still haven’t arranged to correct the faults.
ERG are operating from a back office behind an estate agents at 516 London Road, Westcliffe on Sea, SS0 9LD and their Director is Tara Sexton. 0800 211 8597

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As an update to the above, I’ve done some digging.
If you have a look on Company Check and put the name Tara Sexton into the box, it reveals some interesting information. (All this info is in the public domain BTW)
Tara is listed as a director of ERG maintenance and the company is worth – £26.4k , yes you got that right MINUS £26,400.!! (Info correct as of todays date)
So I wonder if ERG will be following LON into obscurity ?
Watch this space !


Swimming Pools Thailand Ltd

“The latest company to hit the world wide scams headlines is “Swimming Pools Thailand ltd”. A swimming pool installation company in Thailand. They are claimed to be an absolute a nightmare to deal with and the owner is a guy from the UK who calls himself Chris Smith …. however you will also talk to another “English guy” that supposedly works there called “Robert. These two people talk exactly the same with the same comments repeated over and over again during any conversation on the phone.

They both have the same voice and always claim “they are the best / biggest swimming pool company in Thailand to deal with”. Chris Smith claims he is the owner or CEO and Robert is supposedly the installation engineer…

They are believed to be the same person.

Another name that he replies to emails under is Nattaya who is supposed to the Thai CEO but it seems that Mr Chris Smith of swimming pools Thailand is also this same person as it is clear from the emails and the phrases he uses. 

Chris Smith (probably not his real name)  is obviously pretending to be several different people all working for swimming pools Thailand. Several people have now claimed to have had a very bitter experience with this company – Swimming Pools Thailand.

 Although Mr Smith speaks Thai and English it is claimed in the way he rants and repeats himself in his emails and how very abrupt his attitude is on the phone that he has some very serious mental health issues. It has come to the point now that customers do not want to deal with him on the phone or by by email ever again… 

Another very nasty trick he pulls is to raise the call out fee to a ridiculously high amount after he has installed a pool system. Then he says it will take up to 10 days to come out on any emergency..  This is after telling customers they have all the guarantees and “how they will not get a better service anywhere in Thailand” !!!  So the guarantees are basically worthless as to pay the grossly inflated  call out fee would be totally pointless when other companies only charge a minimal call out fee. But how can you call another company that did not install the equipment..  In Thailand they are simply not interested and so it seems neither is Chris Smith, Robert, Nattaya and whoever else he pretend to be. 

Be Aware of  – Swimming Pools Thailand – Chris Smith 



Entireweb SEO service – Increase your rankings in 2 weeks!

Entireweb SEO Service
Increase your rankings in 2 weeks!

What a joke… they are fairly cheap but how it works is that they take about 1 month between doing anything on your site…. After 3 months we cancelled because it was plainly obvious… All they do is sign up new people and set up the monthly Paypal recurring subscription and then do virtually nothing. 1st month we received the 1st email…

Thank you for ordering the SEO Service at Entireweb! The Entireweb SEO Service has been created with more than 14 years of experience from running one of the most popular search engines on the web, Entireweb.com, and this service will deliver the most comprehensive, and best valued SEO service available. The goal with the service is to provide the best and most cost-efficient SEO service in the industry, and at the same time only using very high quality optimizing methods, approved by search engines. Every month, our team of highly skilled SEO experts will do their best and most to help you increase your traffic and search engine rankings.

CURRENTLY, OUR SEO EXPERTS ARE WORKING ON: We have already started analyzing your site, and within 7-10 days, we’ll send you a full website report about the current SEO status of your website. Based on this report, our team will then start optimizing, tweaking and building content that will help you climb the rankings on search engines. As a bonus, our team will also manually submit your site every month to all the top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Altavista, Lycos, DuckDuckGo, Excite, Infospace, Dogpile, Webcrawler and more) – this to make sure the search engines don’t drop your listing.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT: We’ll contact you within the next 7-10 days with the full SEO website report, and with information on what our team of SEO experts have decided to do as the next step in your SEO campaign. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Then you hear nothing for 3 weeks.

Next email

Hello, Thank you for choosing Entireweb as your SEO provider. We have now completed the first backlink-building job for your website and you should be able to see your incoming links grow very shortly. This will hopefully increase your rankings as well.

CURRENTLY, OUR SEO EXPERTS ARE WORKING ON: Our team will now continue building more high quality backlinks to your website, and at the same time, they will also create optimized meta-tags for your website. These new meta-tags along with detailed instructions on how to implement them will be sent to you within the next 7 business days.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT: When the new meta-tags has been placed on your website, we’ll do a complete ranking report for your website, this to understand your current ranking-situation. This will also help us determine the next step of your SEO campaign. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Then the 3rd email

Hello, Thank you for choosing Entireweb as your SEO provider. During the last week, we’ve continued building high quality backlinks to your website, but more importantly, we’ve also started to optimize your meta-tags. This week, we have focused on the ”Description-tag” of your main page. This is an important part of any webpage, and we’ve now created a ”Description-tag” that we believe will help you increase your site rankings. This new description-tag have been created based on 7 highly important factors, such as the current information of your site, your previous description tag, but more importantly – how it can outrank your competitors. Below, you can find the new optimized description-tag. Please copy and paste the code inside the blocks below into your main page of your website. (Please visit http://www.webpagemistakes.ca/meta-description/ for detailed instructions on how to implement this on your webpage) #### OPTIMIZED DESCRIPTION TAG BELOW #### <meta name=”description” content=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”/> #### END OPTIMIZED DESCRIPTION TAG ####

CURRENTLY, OUR SEO EXPERTS ARE WORKING ON: We’ll now continue working on your meta-tags, and this time on an optimized title of your website. As soon as this has been completed, you will be contacted with the new title-tag included. Also, we’ll now start with the ranking analysis work for your website.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT: When the new title-tags has been placed on your website, we’ll complete the ranking report for your website, this to understand your current ranking-situation. This will also help us determine the next step of your SEO campaign. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


So that was all we recieved in three months of payments….  !

Don’t bother…  unless you want to pay endlessly for work that can be done in less than 30 mins !


Social Media Xperts .co.uk

Well here we have another rip off company operating out of the UK and targeting people with websites by telesales again..

http://www.socialmediaxperts.co.uk Yes that is the correct spelling and this is the second company I have come across now using a similar tactic of having a company name “social media xperts” that if you do a google search… you get millions of pages of guess what “social media experts” Why they do that is because, they get all their business from TELESALES. They call you and by doing business that way, they don’t need to be found on GOOGLE. In Fact, they do not want to be found on google, they just want to get as many suckers paying out £100’s every month as possible.

They call you up with their telesales teams and tell you how advertising on FACEBOOK will send your sales through the roof…

I paid £199 + VAT – TOTAL £238 for 30 days Facebook advertising and the results were ZERO

When I emailed to ask if the campaign had started yet, all I got back was an email saying I was targeting worldwide and the chances of me seeing my own ad were virtually zero. Even when I was typing in my own key phrases… !

Attached was a graph showing I had 15 hits to my website… OMG…  £230 and only 15 hits… During the month the sales were zero as you would imagine as you need 100’s of website hits to get sales. So I then rang and rang and rang and left message after message and nobody ever called me back. I was livid as the bank tells us… Once you have given them your bank card details… you are stung. The back cannot and will not help. All they do is tell you you have to cancel your card and get a new one.

They take your money and don’t call you back..


Telephone: 0845 576 0025

Address: 60 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AA

Company Reg Number: 08102796

Registered Company Name:
http://www.socialmediaxperts.co.uk Ltd



I paid £995 ($1500) for another business opportunity (Converting cars to run on Hydrogen) and even spent another £200 ($350) to fly to Spain and get the hands on training. Two months latter WHEN ALL THE CAR OWNERS STARTED TO COMPLAIN THAT THE INSTALLED HYDROGEN CONVERSION SYSTEM WAS NOT MAKING ANY DIFFERENCE IN THEIR FUEL CONSUMPTION IT WAS OBVIOUS THE SYSTEM DID NOT WORK AND THE WHOLE SCHEME WAS A SCAM. The company was operating from Spain`and “they conveniently picked you  from the airport” and took you to secluded villa in the mountains. OK the training seemed great at the time and  there was food and drink and friendly faces all around. Then in the evening I was conveniently dropped off at the airport to fly back to the UK. No address was given so nobody can find him up in the Spanish villas on the hill. Very clever but his days are numbered  now as he has ripped off many many people now.

HYDROTECHNIX – use ebay to find potential recruits

About a month after starting the business it became obvious that the customers were not happy and very little fuel savings were being made from the installed units. It was a total disaster and waste of time and money as the systems we were taught to install did not work and after a few weeks the claims for refunds started to come in… A total scam from start to finish. Again I found that all the other course attendees were having the same experience as he had a page on his website with all the installers listed up and down the country (that soon disappeared when he realized we were all talking to each other!) So I told him about the website and how I was going to expose him and he refunded me and bought back all my unused stock of hydrogen conversion units.



Tech guys – still scamming

I cancelled The tech guys because I was getting sick of paying £100 per month + VAT and saw zero movement in my rankings after 3 months. The kept on sending several emails a week saying “we are working on optimizing your website” yet I believe it is just an auto-responder that send out these emails so you the poor paying punter “thinks” they are actually doing something.

Then they send you these computer generated reports called AHREFS back link reports. Again they really tell you nothing and look the same every month but if call the support team, someone will walk you through them and it makes you think they are doing something but…

For £100 + VAT per month I would expect at least a couple to 3 hours work on the site… however, after paying them yet another £230 for a 1 day all exclusive day with an seo expert to work on your website….  I did not even get a phone call !!! I waited all day and at the end of the day called them… They at first tell me they were working on the site… BUT because I built the site and know exactly how long it takes to change things knew that they had not even spent 30 mins in the site. All they did was change a few keywords in the meta and some titles.

I then had an argument on the phone with them saying I paid for a whole day with and SEO guy… and eventually after 2 more days I get a reply that the “TECH GUYS” could not do much in the site because the website was created with an online web builder. I could not believe it… so then started 3 days of arguing and emails to get a refund of the £230… After 1 month I did get them to refund me for the £230. Now I am really mad because during that month while I was tring to get the £230 back, I was still getting lots of emails saying ” We are working on your website” I ignored them until I got the refund but also did not pay the monthly £100 + VAT.

Then the emails started to come, you are overdue for your last months payment. I then emailed back to say I was not continuing anymore because they had been useless and that they could not have been working on my website for the last 6 weeks because


Then I start to get the threatening emails and demands of you owe us 2 months money !!!

2 months of £120 = £220 for doing sod all on my website..